Target 10 to win £500 affiliate competition

Hey buddy,

We would like to give you an extra incentive for your marketing efforts throughout 2019

The great part is you compete against yourself! Beat your own results achieved in the bgobuddies Affiliate competition 2019previous month to participate in our monthly £500 cash draw!


Want to know how?

To quality you need to meet below conditions:

  • Promote all our brands BGO, Vegas Luck, Power Spins, Chilli and 7casino
  • Refer 10% higher number of New Depositing players compared to your own result achieved in previous month. E.g. if you referred 20 NDP (new depositing players) in January you should reach 22 NDP in February.

Each month we will then pick £500 competition winner from all those who qualified for the draw.

We see this as fair approach leveling up the field for all our partners regardless of the volumes and acquisition channel.


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