COVID-19 Affiliate Marketing guidelines

Hey buddy,

We would like to make it clear that current COVID-19 pandemic must not be used as part of any marketing strategy that relates to our casinos.

We expect you to act responsibly, be mindful of vulnerable people experiencing financial COVID-19 Marketing  guidelinesuncertainty, whilst others may be experiencing other effects of being isolated including feelings of anxiety, loneliness or boredom. You can find official communication on the Gambling Commission website.

You must not exploit the current COVID-19 situation for marketing purposes and refrain from cross-selling our online gaming products in any pandemic-related context. This is related and not limited to any articles, news posts evolved around COVID-19.

Rest assured that we continue our operations on business as usual and as always are happy to help with any queries you may have.

Ensure you are promoting bgo brands in-line with our compliance guidelines.

Stay safe!

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